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STUSAU General Meeting MINUTES- May 29, 2014

posted Aug 25, 2014, 11:37 AM by Jen Burry   [ updated Aug 25, 2014, 11:54 AM ]
The meeting was called to order at 1:07 pm with 16 members in attendance.  The 4:45 pm meeting was cancelled due to extremely low RSVP numbers.  Jen welcomed the members to the meeting and introduced our guest Larry Gagnon, Lead Negotiator for PSAC/STUSAU.   The annual report of officers was circulated to members.
  • Jen Burry, President, stated that the PSAC Executive have been meeting weekly but will move to meet bi-weekly over the summer. 
  • Shauna Foote, Vice-President, will be attending the 6th Triennial Atlantic Regional Convention as a voting member representing the PSAC/STUSAU local 70601.  The convention will be held June 20-22, 2014 in Saint John, NB.   If you would like more information on this event - http://psacatlantic.ca/conferences-and-conventions/events/6th-psac-triennial-atlantic-regional-convention.
  • Carrie Monteith-Levesque, Chief Shop Stewart, nothing new to report.
  • Pauline McIntyre, Treasurer, reported that our bank account has $141.19.
  • Sarah Calhoun, Recording Secretary, nothing new to report.
The bargaining team would like to thank you for your participation in the mobilization events that have been held over the last few months.  The team strongly feels that these events have brought members together and been effective in bringing our issues into the public light which has given negotiations a positive momentum for both the employer and bargaining team.   
We will be holding a Mobilization Event Meeting in the near future to brainstorm other mobilization event to be held this summer.  Feel free to send your ideas ahead of time to anyone on the Executive. 
Our bargaining team provided the employer with responses to the following 6 articles and Letter of Understanding (LOU):
ü  Article 16:      Hours of Work,
ü  Article 17:      Overtime,
ü  Article 13:      Harassment and Discrimination,
ü  Article 27:      Health and Safety,
ü  Article 44:      Travel
ü  Article 52:      Structure and Climate, and a
ü  LOU:               Performance System
The employer asked for more time to respond and it was agreed to reschedule the May 29th meeting to June 13th.    Other dates scheduled with the employer are June 16 & 17.  Both teams are trying to finalize more dates in June, July and August.  
Next group of articles include:
ü  Article 5:        Job Security,
ü  Article 25:      Vacation Leave,
ü  Article 34:      Severance Pay,
ü  Article 35:      Break in Service & Employment,
ü  Article 36:      Seniority,
ü  Article 38:      Sick Leave
ü  Article 39:      Pensions
ü  Article 40:      Health& Benefits
ü  Article 42:      Bilingual Positions
ü  Article 43:      Parking
ü  Article 48:      Apprenticeships
ü  Article 49:      Social Justice Fund
ü  Article 51:      Duration of the Collective Agreement (1, 2 or 3 years)
ü  Appendix A:   Pay Proposal and Pay Notes
The bargaining team’s goal is to have our first collective agreement completed by end of August.   If the Collective Agreement is not complete by mid-August, our bargaining team will re-evaluate the status of any outstanding articles and will make a recommendation to the members on how to proceed.
For those who are not signed up and would like to, Jocelyn LeGresley manages our Facebook account.  If you would like to join, please go to your Facebook and type in STUSAU. This is a closed group and only members can join.   If you are having trouble please feel free to contact Jocelyn directly. Facebook is a quick and easy way to send updates, versus email. We would like to not overload peoples email accounts and therefore if you would like as they happen updates, please become a member of this group.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Calhoun, Secretary for Local 60701